One of the main reasons women all over the world have damaged hair is due to carelessness and laziness! All of us are guilty! It's so easy miss out some of these important steps and damaged hair can happen quickly.

The good news is that it is not too late to repair and create new hair habits which promote healthy hair! Here are some of the reasons why our hair gets damaged.


You can't find your head scarf or a pair of tights so you skip wrapping and go to sleep

Wrap your hair! This also applies when wearing hair extensions. As well as avoiding knotting, tangling and mating wrapping your hair at night protects your hair from the fabric in your pillowcase fibres that hair can caught in as we twist and turn through the night. Some pillowcase fabrics can also absorb the moisture from our hair leaving it feeling dry and lifeless in the mornings. 


A quick but very lazy wash 

I get it! Sometimes washing our hair can feel like a long task! But the aim in washing is to have clean and fresh hair, right? Regardless of the treatment or shampoo used it is essential that we make sure we do a good job of removing all product after applying! Product build up can block the pours and prevent our scalp from being able to breathe and suffocating the follicles. The worst case scenario is suffering from a scalp or fungal infection! Dont forget to condition!


The hair salon charges double compared to your aunties next door neighbour

Everyone knows someone who knows someone that can "do" hair. But with all honesty that person doesn't always know what is best for your hair condition. There are tips and bits of knowledge that are worth paying a little extra for that you get at a hair salon that you may not get at mate's rates. Especially when your hair is already damaged. You run the risk of making the condition of your hair even worse by not asking someone who knows what they are talking about.

*Please note: If you wear hair weaves they should not be super tight when you are suffering from breakage ensure that the person doing your hair is delicate with it and not too heavy handed!


Over processed!

Too much of any thing can be bad for you. Especially adding too much chemicals and dye to your hair! Chemicals and dyes lift the natural protective layer of the hair when altering the colour or shape. This enables penetration to the core, breaking down the structure of the hair and leaving it in a really bad way. To fix this, you will need a course of leave in treatments and we also advise a trip to a good hair salon for professional advice.


Too much heat!

What girl does not love to experiment with different hair styles? Curlers, Blow drys and straighteners, there are far too many hair tools not to try! The problem is when we apply too much heat to our hair, breakage can occur. The heat penetrates through the protective layer of our hair shaft leaving it difficult to retain moisture.


Lack of moisture!

Hair can be brittle and break off easily if it left dry. Here are 5 top hair oils to battle against dryness!

To ensure that your hair maintains healthy, apply a generous amount of the top 5 oils below:



This oil is rather thick in consistency. It is enriched with Vitamin E and minerals. To achieve healthy, thick, lush hair apply directly to scalp overnight as a treatment and wash out the next day with a mild shampoo.



This amazing oil is used as a base for a lot of natural hair treatment remedies. If you suffer from fungal infections or scalp infections this may be worth a try. Remember to always consult medical advice before trying this if your condition is really bad!



Argan oil seems to be in almost every hair product these days and there is a good reason why! With a high level of vitamin E and F it leaves hair feeling hydrated and acts as a protective coating when applying heat.



This is a fantastic oil for hair and skin replenishment. Its healing properties helps fight against dandruff leaving hair feeling soft and weightless.



Enriched with vitamin E, coconut oil is known to stimulate natural growth and help repair your hairs split ends.


Other tips for healthy hair

- Protective styles such as hair weaves or wigs can give your hair a rest and a chance to repair

- Silk pillow cases are a great way to lock in hair moisture 

- Invest in someone who knows how to care for hair! Try a new salon or freelance hairdresser!

- Let it go! Trim your ends! Do not cling on to them if they are unhealthy!

- Avoid chemicals and dyes during repair process!



Most importantly remember to SLAY, TURN HEADS & MAKE THE RULES!

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