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W e  T u r n  H e a d s - W e  S l a y - W e  M a k e  T h e  R u l e s


Birmingham's very own! As seen on the BBC Three show, “Be your own boss”, Bonnie Lush Hair has been recognised as your local growing hair extensions company, right on your doorstep.

Bonnie Lush Hair supplies 100% virgin natural human hair. We understand just how important it is to have quality hair that refrains from shedding and tangling; which is why we supply our customers with 100% human hair, along with a brief maintenance introduction into how to take care of the type hair each specific customer has selected.
We are proud of our quality products and excellent customer service! Our products enhance, magnify and amplify every woman's natural beauty. 
We encourage the elevation of every woman. We believe that beauty is held in the individuality of every person. 
The goal is to have each and every one of our customers turn heads, slay and make up their own rules along the way!


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