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New Year, New Blog, New Hair Routine!

New Year, New Blog, New Hair Routine!

Hello everyone! my Name is Tanika!
I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself as the new blog writer for IVY WILD.
I have been a content creator for under 4 years now and still can’t believe it. The majority of my content is around natural hair.
I have beautiful natural hair, to be specific I have type 4b/c as my hair has different textures and is short hair above my shoulders.
My content creating journey has helped me to look after and understand my hair more, and learn about hair in general.
By documenting my hair journey, I have been able to see how my hair health has improved and is stronger. I feel more confident with my hair and that is a very important part - how your hair makes you feel. I have also learnt to be more gentle with my hair as there have been many mistakes along the way. I have been paitent in learning what my hair likes and dislikes.
So, the beginning of my content creating journey when I started Youtube (I was not documenting what I was doing with my hair as much until content creating), I used to wear wigs as I thought it was more pleasing to my audience. But then I thought “I HAVE HAIR ON MY HEAD” why don’t I start creating content on how I look after my natural hair with styling and wash day videos showing the products I use.
And by doing these videos it will help and inspire others with similar hair to myself.
The hair journey is real, and things happen along the way with many ups and downs (as I am sure you're aware). I am thankful for my beautiful head of curls. During this journey it has made me understand that hair health outweighs hair length. With healthy hair comes growth.
When I look back at my old content be it pictures and video content, I see a major difference in my hair and mainly the health of my hair, and times when the length was good and the health was not good.
Oh shrinkage is good, many people say this, but it is a adjustment to actually like it and appreciate your hair in its shrunken state. It took me a long time to appreciate and embrace shrinkage and actually like the way that my hair coils up because of shrinkage. We aspire to have longer hair based on what society tells us. I have learnt that shrinkage is a sign that your hair is healthy. 
But like I have said before, my hair is now healthier which I am overall happy with.
I am learning that my hair routine was not good for my hair. For example, not moisturising my hair regularly. Can you believe that I only bought my first satin hair bonnet last year! It helps to keep the moisture in your hair when you are sleeping, I used to sleep in scarfs before I got the bonnet. Even better than a hair bonnet (and slightly more grown up) is the IVY WILD luxury satin pillowcases. These are an absolute essential item for curly and afro hair
Something else which is a huge no no, that I have changed in my hair routine, is detangling my hair whilst dry. This is terrible as it causes hair breakage. it is always best to detangle your hair when it is damp, this is when spray bottles come in handy or even the IVY WILD Leave-in Moisutre Spray.
I feel like my hair is ever changing, but for the better, unlike mood swings, lol.
The tips I would give for you on your new hair journey would be: - 
To understand your hair
Don't follow the crowd
Be unique
Find the products that work for you
Have patience, remember Rome was not built in 1 day
The main thing your hair needs is water, so use moisturising products
Be proud of your hair
Be happy with your hair
Let your hair flourish in the glory
Oh and heat can be used on your hair, but you need to know and understand the correct way to use heated tools, and always use a heat protectant. IVY WILD have a fantastic heat protectant which can handle heat up to 220 degrees.
And remember that some hair products will work better for some hair types/textures more so than others. I have given up on trying to do the wash and go hairstyle in my hair because it just doesnt work for me.
My favourite hairstyle to do is either twist-out's or braid-out's.
I look forward to helping you create a positive hair journey.
You will hear from me next month!
Follow my journey...
My blog http://www.missybeelondon.wordpress.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.missybeelondon
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/missybeelondon
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/missybeelondonblogger
Dec 01, 2023

I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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