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Storing your hair extensions in the wrong way can leave them in a bad condition ultimately resulting in a reduced life span. You also run the risk of losing them by not knowing exactly where you saw them last, or you have stored them in a plastic bag at the back of the wardrobe. Why not make carrying your hair extensions around stylish and boujee?
I remember hearing a story once from a customer who did not know how to dry her hair extensions and made the mistake of placing them in a pillowcase and putting it in the tumble dryer! They came out in a big ball of knotted mess. Please do not make this mistake as this will destroy your hair extensions forever! Surely the whole point in purchasing virgin hair extensions is to be able to keep them thick and lush for as long as possible? This is why storing your hair extensions in the right way is critical.
1. Condition & Wash Your Hair Extensions
In that order! Reverse hair washing encourages shiny and detangled hair extensions. Some shampoos can be quite harsh so conditioning your hair before washing is a gentle approach to giving them a clean.
2. Add A Treatment Oil
A light pea-sized amount of an oil such as Argan oil keeps hair glossy and smooth. Add the oil whilst wet and allow the hair to dry, whether you decide to use a hairdryer or air dry!
See our blog on preventing breakage for more details: Your Lazy Hair Habits Are Causing Breakage
3.Use Your Luxury Bonnie Lush Hair Hanger To Hang Your Extensions
You can use your new luxury hair hanger to achieve the perfect hair styles with hair tools such as straighteners and curlers or a hairdryer. If you decide to air dry instead, using this product is a great way to avoid using heat. This high quality wooden clamp hanger comes in a varnished black. Simply pull back the handle on your hanger to open up the wooden clamp where you will find fabric to ensure a secure tight hold. To close your hanger lift the handle back up! From bundles to clip-ins, using your hair hanger turns washing and drying hair extensions into a doddle of a task.
4.Store Hair Extensions In Your Bonnie Lush Hair Luxury Gold Zip Bag
Before placing your hair extensions in your luxury bag, it is best to wait until the hair is completely dry to avoid smell, mould and bacteria allowing adequate air to get to them!
This transparent gold zipped bag can hold up to 24" long bundles and allows your hair extensions to breath as well as providing convenient storage which is stylishly and discrete even if you hang them away in a cupboard.
Whilst keeping you hair extensions all in one safe place, you can now transport your hair extensions with ease! Whether you are travelling abroad on holiday or staying out overnight!



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Oct 28, 2021

The fact that clip in hair extensions real hair can be easily handled and applied is making them more and more popular everyday. These hair extensions allow users to change their looks effortlessly without ever having to visit a salon. Clip in human hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to the natural hair and at the same time bestow it with some amazing styles.

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