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Trim Your Ends

Trim Your Ends

As you know one natural hair struggle is hair growth, due to the way and speed of our natural hair grows. Many people can be fearful when they hear the words “cutting natural hair”. Bearing in mind how long it can take to grow your hair, the feeling associated with trimming our hair can be negative.

The ends of your hair is the patt and if there are signs of stress and mistreatment usually this is indicated on the ends. You can notice this if the ends of your hair gets difficult to comb through or if the ends of your hair look like they are thinning compared to the body of your hair. These are just a few signs that a trim is needed. 

I remember getting my hair styled by a hairdresser and they would advise me to trim my hair and I would always give excuses as to why I didnt need a trim. Mainly due to the fear of losing extra length. I understand now, the necessity of the trimming process. If you’re not comfortable cutting your hair yourself then I would recommend you go to a hair professional to get your hair trimmed. And always use hair cutting scissors called hair shears, and not normal stationary scissors.

I myself have made cutting hair mistakes in the past if I'm honest and I have been cutting my hair myself as I have not trusted others to cut or trim my hair in the past. Looking back at my documented hair blogging journey and watching my old YouTube videos I now see the mistakes I was making. I cringe at how much hair I would cut off when trimming. I really could not believe I was cutting off up to 2 inches in one go, just like that. And by doing this I was not retaining hair length. My hair does grow at a normal rate but by my own bad practices delayed the hair length goal I am trying to achieve or I was trying to achieve at the time. 

This present day, I have been cutting my hair less, and taking off less each time it is "trim day". I'm not cutting of a couple of 2 inches like how I used to, but I now take off a couple of centimetres at the most. I have noticed growth in my hair since changing how and when I trim my hair and other factors including moisturising my hair more regular and deep conditioning my hair every wash day. I style my hair in low manipulation styles such as twists and plaits and I have reduced the amount of combing I do too. I also make sure my hair is damp or saturated with a moisturising hair product before detangling my hair so that I avoid less snagging and breakage.

Why is cutting/trimming hair good for you?Trimming your hair prevents hair from split ends. When split ends are not trimmed, the split in each hair strands can travel up the hair strands, causing more damage to the hair.

Here are a few IVY WILD hair products I would recommend to re-moisturise your hair in between wash days.

The Leave-in Moisture Spray. Use this on a daily basis. Enriched with Avocado oil, Mango butter and Aloe Vera Juice.

The Argan oil Heat Defence Spray, you can use this oil spray directly on your hair strands ro protect your hair before applying heating tools. Argan oil will also nourishes the hair and enhances elasticity. 


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