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More than likely, you are already aware of just how DANGEROUS a lot of hair care products are, that are made available to people.

These products are hazardous to our health because of the chemicals used as ingredients. 

Even natural ingredients can be dangerous! Every ingredient is a chemical. Dont be fooled just because a company says they use "natural ingredients" that doesn't necessarily mean it is SAFE. 

Remember: even water is a tasteless, colourless, odourless chemical substance called H2O.

The ingredients used in hair care products are called formulations. Think of this as the recipe of ingredients you would use if you were cooking. You would need to know the exact measurements to ensure that the ingredients will lead to a delicious meal.

The formulations in a product leads us to ingredients that have been properly weighed by a professional to check that the contents within the product is to a safe percentage.

Luckily enough, the UK abide by the highest standards in the world for product testing, the EU Cosmetic Regulations. You just need to be sure that your products come from a trusted source that believe in testing their products! (Maybe I should say here, IVY WILD are proud to be a company that do exactly that).

Here are a list of ingredients that you need to know about. Be sure to read the ingredients on the back of your products to see which of these may be contained within them.



*suitable for some of us - not all of us!

One of the reasons we put this ingredient in this list is because if your hair doesn't agree with this ingredient it can be very bad for it. One of the most frequently used ingredients in shampoos around the world is this ingredient, as well as our hygiene or household cleaning products. It is the foaming agent used in these products for dissolving dirt and oil.

As an Afro or Curly haired person we cling on to the natural oils that our hair produces. Unfortunately, SLS is an ingredient which can strip the natural oils our hair and scalp produces, causing them to lose definition, shine and become prone to breakage. If you have particularly sensitive skin, SLS can increase sensitivity and cause irritation.

However! In the UK we abide by the EU Cosmetic Regualtions. This is important because the products that are sold here have been tested. If SLS is an ingredient and the product has been tested, it will be used to a controlled percentage which is just about right to do the job of cutting dirt, without causing harm (for most of us). A benefit of SLS is that it is ideal for cutting product buildup on your scalp.

 Remember: not ALL products from businesses are safe as your local DIY homemade shampoo is unlikely to have gone through testing! Be safe!

In our shampoo we use a preservative called Phenoxyethanol which has been deemed safe to use in hair products, by experts.


Ingredients such as Methylparaben and Propylparaben have been used as preservatives to increase the lifespan of products in the cosmetics industry for a long time. These nasties pose as a great risk to distupting your hormones. There are parabens that have been found to mimic estrogen in your system and are easily absorbed through the scalp.

Sounds crazy that an ingredient can do that right?

Again, the EU have put a heavy restriction on PARABENS and what percentage of these parabens can be used in products. However, only a small percentage of these parabens need to be used to cause irritation to the scalp. They have also been linked to endocrine systems problems that can cause issues liked to serious health issues, such as breast cancer later in life.


The aim is to avoid any MAN MADE ingredients and give your hair the goodness of naturally derived ingredients instead. Silicones are man made polymers. They do not occur naturally and they are not biodegradable which means they do not decompose.

Have you ever heard a YouTuber describe that a product has 'slip'? Well, silicones are used in a lot of high street shampoos and conditioners to create the temporary illusion of healthy hair by offering it smoothness. They coat the hair shaft with a synthetic shine, masking the true condition of your natural hair. 

Some silicones can be difficult to remove from our hair too. They have the potential to cause irritation, rashes and prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft.

Small changes in the ingredients go a long way for your hair! That's why IVY WILD are dedicated to using ingredients that benefit our beautiful curls. 

Our shampoo and conditioner are free from parabens, silicones and sulfates so you can enjoy your wash days without feeling guilty!

If you have a query about an ingredient, you can email us at info@ivywild.co.uk


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