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We already know that everyone has different curl patterns.. but how do we get one step closer to figuring out what products are ideal for our unique curls? It's all about your porosity level.

By knowing what porosity level you are, you can then choose the right products for your hair as well as create the right routine to support the growth and health of your hair.

Porosity is how well your hair is able to ABSORB and RETAIN moisture. To find out more about porosity, watch the video below!


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We go one step further with the below videos to help you figure out whether you have low, medium, or high porosity hair. Remember the aim is to be medium porosity as this allows moisture to easily enter the hair strand and it retains the right amount of moisture that it needs.


Watch the video below if you think you may have LOW porosity hair. Some of the attributes that you should look out for include: poor absorption of moisture which include water beads sitting on your hair in the shower, your hair may take a long time to change colour when a dye has been added or chemical relaxer!


Watch the video below if you think you may have HIGH porosity hair. You should look out for your hair drying really quickly, frizz and heat damage as they are all indicators of high porosity hair!

Still unsure if you are high or low? Why not try the float test!

To ensure all of our customers are closer to understanding their curl pattern, we send out a free Hair Type Chart with every purchase!

Apr 04, 2020


Apr 04, 2020



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