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DETANGLE Afro hair - Quickest and Easiest way!

It is a constant battle against the clock to complete drying our hair on Wash Days. So many of us can be eager to multitask and want to perform two tasks in one!

Have you ever struggled to detangle after a successful wash with the IVY WILD Hydrating Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner to detangle your tresses?

Here's a way for you to save time and effort. By detangling your hair in the shower! Hold up, before you get too excited, it may not be suitable for every hair type. It also depends on the current condition of your natural hair.

Here are a few things you should think about before you decide whether this technique is for you:

- Something to remember is that if your hair is already damaged, whilst wet in the shower your hair becomes vulnerable and more susceptible to damage. Even if your hair is generally quite healthy, brushing through your knots in the shower could potentially cause shedding if you aren't gentle.  

- If you are experiencing more shedding whilst detangling your hair in the shower, it is likely you may start to clog the drain! Although it is natural for us to lose approximately 100 strands of hair each day, extra brushing could lead to additional hair loss.

 - Although there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of hair loss, brushing and combing in the shower does have its benefits. By using the IVY WILD Detangling Brush or a wide-toothed comb or even a wide brush as your detangling tool, it can help to detangle your hair without causing additional breakage. You could even just use your fingers!

- Using a detangling conditioner such as the IVY WILD Moisturising Conditioner before brushing your hair is a great way to add slip. Remember to start at the ends of your hair, working your way to the roots!

- Another benefit is that you reduce the length of time of using a hair dryer by detangling in the shower. All of the tips above should be taken into consideration whilst you create a loving hair care routine for your hair!

Apr 18, 2020



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