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WHY You Need To DEEP Condition Afro Hair

WHY You Need To DEEP Condition Afro Hair

Hey, Tanika here. Why is deep conditioning so important for natural hair you ask?

So for this post it’s all about deep conditioning your natural afro hair, and the benefits of doing this. First of all, to use a normal conditioner on your hair and to deep condition, are two different processes.

To use a normal conditioner on your natural hair after washing, you apply a  conditioner (like the IVY WILD Moisturising Conditioner) on your hair strands, making sure the product is evenly distributed on the hair strands and detangle your hair if you can while doing this. Then you leave the conditioner on your hair for upto 5 minutes, and rinse out after. This process quickly adds some conditioning properties to your hair strands.

To deep condition, it is a slighlt longer pocess with more gains! You should begin the process with a nourishing Deep Conditioner like the IVY WILD Intensive Deep Conditioner, after washing your hair. The difference in these conditioners is the ingredients. The Intensive Deep Conditioner contains Mango Butter, Buriti Oil, Phytokeratin and D-Panthenol as some of the key ingredients to help you retain moisture within each hair strand. You will need to make sure that your hair is fully saturated with the Deep Conditioner and is evenly distributed on the hair strands. Detangle your hair if you can, then you put a plastic cap or thermal cap over your hair. If you have a thermal cap this is a extra bonus for your hair, as adding gentle heat to your afro hair whilst deep conditioning will allow the hair cuticle to open, absorbing the richness from the beneficial ingredients. To get the full benefits of deep conditioning your hair, it’s best to keep the product on your hair for upto 30 minutes. Then you rinse it out. If you are yet to try the IVY WILD Intensive Deep Conditioner yet, click here.


My advice on what I do is that I always deep condition my hair every wash day and I have definetly seen the benefits of deep conditioning my hair every wash day too. My hair has been healthy strong, hair and it has grown. You can follow me along my hair journey on my Instagram page @missybeelondon.


But what are the benefits of deep conditioning natural hair? 

Here are a few benefits -

  • It can reduce hair breakages, especially if your hair was previously prone to breaking a lot. Because if your hair is dry and brittle, it’s more likely to break, than if your hair is moisturised on a regular basis, it is given an added boost during the deep conditioning process.
  • It balances the protein - If your hair strands are lacking in protein and moisture it can become limp and lifeless, and/or just more difficult to manage in general, due to lacking in moisture. The IVY WILD Intensive Deep Conditoner has natural plant-based keratin to help strength weak hair strands.
  • By deep conditioning your hair regularly, it helps keep your curly hair strands hydrated. Hydration means retaining moisture which is beneficial in a good hair care routine.
  • When you deep condition your hair it also provides more shine and moisture to your hair, and, you can actually notice the difference, for example, when you run your fingers through your hair after you have deep conditioned; helping you to have soft, tangle-free hair, allowing it to be easier to style afterwards.
  • Deep conditioning your hair can also prevent split ends. Having a good moisturisation system in place is, I repeat, beneficial to maintaining healthy, strong hair. Split ends can be caused by many reasons causing hair to be dry and brittle. These bad practices include excessive use of heated tools such as blow dryers, hair straighteners and hair curlers (curling tongs). Split ends can also occur when using chemical hair products in your hair (such as hair relaxers).
  • Deep conditioning your hair can also improve the elasticity of your hair and improve the overall health of your hair, bringing curls back to life. 


Even though you might have to invest more time when deep conditioning your hair, the benefits of deep conditioning your hair and the overall improved health of your natural hair should persuade you to give it a go. Trust me when I say, your hair will thank you in the long run. With healthy hair comes hair growth, due to positive and loving hair routines.

 Again, since this post is all about deep conditioning your natural hair. Why not give the IVY WILD Intensive Deep Conditioner a try?

What’s so good about this product? It will deeply nourish and repair your hair, because of the rich moisturising ingredients. Including Mango butter, which is rich in vitamins A & E and softens hair when it is dry. And has a deep moisturising and regenerative effect on hair and scalp. Aloe vera juice, which acts as a great conditioner for hair. it also prevents itchy scalp and can reduce dandruff. Lastly, it also repairs dead skin cells on the scalp, to rejuvenate the scalp and promote new hair growth. Avocado oil actually penetrates into the hair shaft and does more than just sit on the hair strand. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E. 

Phytokeratin which is a natural plant protein which is great for hydration, hair softness and detangling. All of these are wonderful moisture rich ingredients hence why it’s so intensive for your natural hair. And don’t forget the Intensive deep conditioner is paraben free, sulphates free, gluten free and has hair friendly ingredients in it.


Invest time to caring for your hair, it will thank you for it.


You can find me on instagram @missybeelondon

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