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My Hair Story: Bianca McLeish

My Hair Story: Bianca McLeish



We asked Bianca, Milk & Cookys Founder a few questions about her hair journey so far!
Can you relate?
What hair type are you?
Ummm.. Very Very Thick curly hair, comes fro the part Indian in my Dad I guess!
What is your first hair memory?
So my first hair memory (purely because of the embarrassment) was my mom cornrowing my hair into the infamous "Beehive" style at about 12 years old.. I hated it because it literally looked like a cocoon! But she thought it looked stylish and to be honest I think she was experimenting with styles. But I went to school the following day and remember everyone laughing at me. To be honest it actually built my character, knowing I could confidently go out wearing a non conventional style and feel ok!
What hair style was your favourite growing up?
Growing up I didn't really have a favourite hair style. But I used to feel the pressure of girls pressing their hair and gelling the sides down to their faces. My mom wouldn't let me do that because she said it made me look like a 'youte'... So I stuck to long black braids or twists. I never had my hair out though... Purely because of the weather damaging it and I found it time consuming.
What style did you hate?
I hated having my hair cornrowed straight back, no matter what creative Definitely the "Beehive" look or the big "doo doo plaits" LOL!
How old were you when you started doing your own hair?
do About 17... I never "did it myself" but it was during a time I was finding myself and I went to the hairdressers and chopped it all off - Rihannas style! It took a while for my mom to say "do what you want" and I started to do so from 17 onwards!
Can you share a hair story with us?
Yes.. I went to another hairdresser because I was in a rush to go to an event......
Worst mistake I've ever made. I don't know what relaxer she used on my hair, but it literally broke it all off and it has never been the same since! That was around 3/4 years ago!! 
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