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My Hair Story: Kayah Hazell

My Hair Story: Kayah Hazell

Kayah Hazell

Mother - Student

We asked Kayah, in her final year of her Broadcast Journalism degree and mother of 1, a few questions about her personal hair history!

Can you relate?

What is your hair type?

I find it hard to classify my hair type. The back half of my head is quite thick and tight coils, whereas the front is much looser and although its still thick, it doesn’t seem to have defined curls. I don't use heat at all on my hair so I’m unsure of how it ended up like that. I would probably say its a cross between 4A and 4B. 

What is your first hair memory?

My first hair memory was sitting in the kitchen before my birthday party, i was about 6 or 7, with my head down while my mom pressed the back of my hair with a hot comb. I remember being scared as hell of moving and feeling the full heat of that hot comb on my scalp. My mom would only press my hair for special occasions like my birthday,a family party or Christmas. Then she'd add those multiciloured bobbles at the roots and on the ends. You could literally hear me coming from a mile away with all those bobbles clinking in my head.

What hair style was your favourite growing up?

Growing up, I loved having my hair cornrowed into a half up/half down style...as long as my mom didn't try and kill the hairstyle with bobbles and clips lol! 

My favourite hairstyle now is my straight pink wig with dark roots. It's different to anything I've ever done before and I love it a lot more than I originally thought I would. It does sometimes draw a lot of attention though. 

What style did you hate?

I hated having my hair cornrowed straight back, no matter what creative patterns my mom did in my hair, I just felt like it made me look like I didn't have much hair, I would get my hair messy on purpose so she would have to redo it! 

How did pregnancy affect your hair?

Pregnancy changed my hair so much. I relaxed my hair early on in my pregnancy (I wasn’t aware I was pregnant at the time) but when I did find out, I made sure to stop using any chemicals on my hair. It grew ridiculously fast and got so thick, I literally broke a few combs! My hair was quite manageable before pregnancy, even if I didn't relax it for a while, so it was all new to me. I had trouble finding products that my hair would respond to. Even after I gave birth to my son I found that relaxers stopped working on my hair. This is what prompted me to do the big chop and start from scratch. My hair is the healthiest it’s ever been now. I wish I had gone natural a long time ago. 

How old were you when you started doing your own hair?

I only started doing my own hair in the past 3 years or so since I had my little boy. I have less time on my hands to make appointments and go to the hairdressers, so I tend to do my hair at like midnight while he's sleeping. I did the big chop just over a year ago after years of bleach, dye and relaxer so I've started wearing wigs more often, I like to change my hair a lot so i had to learn to make my own. Youtube tutorials are a GODSEND! 

Can you share a hair story with us?

I had my hair relaxed when I was 12, after bugging my mom for a couple of years she finally caved in. I aways said after having my hair relaxed that I would never wear a weave or wigs because my hair was a decent length, I had no need. But my year 11 prom came, and my mom convinced my to try a weave. I turned up to my prom and none of my teachers knew it was me! I felt like cinderella lol! This is where my love for extensions started! 


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