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My Hair Story: Shanequa Paris

My Hair Story: Shanequa Paris



We asked Shanequa, Genesis radio presenter on Monday nights, a few questions about her hair journey so far!
Can you relate?

What is your first hair memory?

When I was 5/6 living in Bristol, at school one day my friends who were twins of mixed heritage had their hair styled beautifully, the top half was in a bun and the bottom half was out flowing down nicely. The next morning I asked my mum to do my hair the same... She did, after persuading me not to as our hair was not the same. I went to school the next day realising that we indeed did not look the same and I chose styles to suit my own hair ever since

What hair style was your favourite growing up?

My sister was a hairdresser so any form of cornrows was my absolute fave! The more hair bobbles the better!

What hair style did you hate?

OMG! My mum would put a big doo do plait at the top and a big one at the back! 

How old were you when you started doing your own hair?

As soon as I started secondary school. Which was the downhill spiral as straightening was the in thing.

Can you share a hair story with us?

Before going on holiday with a friend she was discussing different weaves to put in, I suggested that she should have her own natural hair and she responded with "No, I want to look good" This was a huge eye opener for me and it keeps me on the right track to loving and nurturing my own hair as I always want it to be the first and only option for looking beautiful. 

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